Sleep Training Success

October 22, 2014 at 8:36 pm (Intro) (, , )

The first night LO cried for over an hour before settling to sleep. Then she woke up at 11:15 and needed several visits to go back to sleep.

The second night she cried for about five minutes after we put her to bed, and then went to sleep.

The third night, she fussed for just a few minutes before going to sleep.

Fast forward a few nights.

Last night, she fussed while we put her pajamas on her, and then didn’t fuss as we left, including after.

Tonight she didn’t fuss at all, and even waved to us after cuddling up with her Paci-Cat and a sall bottle.

By Jove, I think this was a success. Now, can somebody please tell me why we waited this long to sleep train our little one?


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Sleep Training Round 2

October 16, 2014 at 10:11 pm (Intro) (, )

Last night wasn’t too bad. She woke once at 11:15 and took less than 20 minutes to fall back to sleep.

Tonight she cried for about 2 minutes, and when we checked on her 10 minutes later, she had grabbed some toys and put them in bed with her. When we left, she cried for about 2 minutes. It’s been 20 minutes and we are a little afraid to go check on her.

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Sleep Training

October 15, 2014 at 9:13 pm (parenting) (, , )

DH and I have finally admitted that A needs to go through sleep training.

She’s 22 months old and has slept through the night only a handful of times. We have had her sleep with us, but since moving 3 months ago, she has had her own room. And about 2 months ago, we began having her sleep in her own room, but usually after she falls asleep in our room. Then we move her.

The last 3 nights, we have had to sleep in her room with her, starting around 1-2 a.m.

No more.

After a little research, a little reading, we decided to try the Ferber method, putting her to bed, and checking on her at intervals. And tonight is night 1.

She’s been crying off and on for 40 minutes, has thrown up once, and is still incredibly upset. Right now we are checking on her every 10 minutes, giving her some cuddles and kisses, but not picking her up or laying down with her.

I’m not going to lie, this is really hard. I cleaned up her throw-up; she was so upset that she was sick. But I know that she’s not hurt, and she has to learn to put herself to sleep. I really don’t like this, but at 22 months, she doesn’t need us to lay down next to her for nearly an hour to get to sleep.

We will see how long how this takes tonight, and can only hope that tomorrow night is easier.

9:24 update – LO just climbed out of bed, with a very poopy diaper. We put her back to bed in fresh jammies and will check on her again in 10 minutes. Chair set to block where the bed rail doesn’t extend to the end of her bed.

9:30 update – back out of bed. This time, closed door and can hear her beating on it.

9:41 update – All is quiet. We might be okay….but I have a feeling she is asleep on the floor, in front of the door.

Apparently the last round was successful. It took 1 hour and 10 minutes of near continuous crying. We’ve had a few nights where it’s taken nearly this long to get her to bed with us lying next to her, so this is progress.

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And a running we went…

September 21, 2014 at 9:38 pm (Running) (, , , )

Little girl and I ran the Aloha 5k in San Francisco yesterday, and it was lovely. Chrissy Park at the Presidio was a great place to run, and while the double-back on the race was confusing, it was great.

I was really not feeling well, and ran less than .2 miles of the race, but I still finished in less than 55 minutes, and that was with pushing 50 pounds of weight (LO and stroller). Not bad considering every time I started to jog I would start coughing.

After that, I got to pick up Hubs from the airport, and we spent the evening with my in-laws. What I great weekend!

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Not another one….

September 12, 2014 at 11:25 pm (life, Running) (, , , , )

Just to recap my last post, I am going to do 10 races in 1 year, May 2014 to May 2015. So far I have ran 5 (4 5k’s, 1 10k) and have 3 more 5’s scheduled.

Let’s make that 4 more scheduled.

Part of me realized that I didn’t have a race scheduled from the first weekend of September through the first weekend in October, and that just felt too long, so I scheduled one for next weekend, the same day that Hubs gets back from his week-long trip to Orlando.

My plan is to get up, go to San Francisco to race, hang out at the post-party, and then go pick up Hubs from the SFO airport. From there, we will be going down to the In-Laws to celebrate Hubs’ and his sister’s birthdays (Twins).

Yup, I’m a little nuts.

Nope, not going to feel even a pinch of sadness. This is going to be just what I need after a week of solo-parenting our toddler.

Anybody else just a little addicted to something?

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Run Baby Run

September 7, 2014 at 9:29 pm (Intro) (, , )

So in April, I had this crazy idea that I wanted to run a 5k in May, so I found one that would be two days before my birthday, just before Mother’s Day. What made this such a crazy idea?

~ I have never been a runner, ever.

~ I am overweight by more pounds than I am comfortable admitting.

~ I’ve broken my right foot twice, stress fractures both times.

~ I don’t like running.


But I did the race, and it was fun, even though I was so so so sore after.  And this sparked an even crazier idea, that I wanted to do 10 of these races before my next birthday.  So I’ve been signing up for these races, and this is where I am so far:

1) Mother’s Day Run – El Sobrante – 5k – May 11, 2014 – Ran with Hubs

2) Run Like  a Diva – Burlingame –  5k – June 1, 2014 – Ran with my mom

3) Davis Moo-nlight Run – Davis – 10k – July 12, 2014 – Ran with a friend and her running club

4) Susan B Anthony Run – Sacramento – 5k – August 9, 2014 – Ran solo

5) Walnut Creek Run – Walnut Creek – 5k – September 7, 2014 – Ran with Hubs, pushed LO in the stroller

Future Races

6) Rock’n’Roll Run – San Jose – 5k – October 4, 2014 – Will run solo

7) Oktobrewfest – Davis – 5k – Will run with friend

8) Not yet planned

9) Not yet planned

10) Neverland 5k – Disneyland!!! – 5k – Will run with hubs, sis-in-law, and future bro-in-law


At the halfway point, I have determined that 10k’s are well beyond me. I had to pull over to be sick twice after the Davis run, so we won’t be repeating that.  The Run Like a Diva series is an absolute blast and I want to do it again.  My times aren’t getting much better, but I am also not training, so there’s a correlation there.

If you know of any races in November through April that you think I might like, let me know!  I’m willing to travel around the Bay Area, and don’t mind running solo. Also, we’re planning on the Disney race being race 10, but at this pace it could be race 12 or even 14, which is kinda awesome.  

Here’s our band of merry races from the Walnut Run today.100_2607

And our happy little runner who stayed in her stroller for the run, but was out and about before and after.100_2610

All in all, I still don’t like running, but doing these races is a lot of fun.


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Hello Mommy

September 5, 2014 at 2:05 pm (family, life, toddler)

I know it’s been something like a year and a half since I have posted, and that probably nobody will ready this, and that’s okay.


I’ve been thinking about parenting a lot. My little A is over 20 months, and we are already planning her second birthday party. No idea where that time has gone. Work is intense, with jobs lost and gained since I typed here last, and so many life changes. and that’s okay.

Here’s what’s on my heart right now.

The change from Momma to Mommy is sweet, but so sad as you realize it means that your little one is growing up.

For the Mom who sits on the train looking as though she’d pay the moon for a little more rest, it won’t last forever.

For the Daddy who has a toddler who only wants Mom when you are together, she’ll get over it, and be back to Daddy’s little girl soon.

For the parents who are dealing with a tantrum, followed by tears, and then another tantrum, you aren’t doing this wrong. It’s all a part of the age.

For the house that full of toys and discarded newspaper, and lots of laughs and giggles, it’s worth it.

For the thought that you can’t remember the last time you got more than 4-5 hours of sleep without an interruption, sleep will come.

For the toddler who wakes up screaming in the middle of the night, scared of the dark, Mommy and Daddy will always be there for you.

For the employers who overlook a lot of tired days and toddler stories, the littles do grow up.

It’s the realizing that “Choo” means “Shoe” and “Scheez” is “Cheese”, that “Goo” is “Goose” and “I Goo” means your toddler hears you when you tease and call her a goose, and is teasing you right back. It’s the 2 a.m. tears that calm when you cuddle. It’s the laughs and squeals and running the other way that show that your little girl isn’t such a baby anymore.

And it’s the dawning thought that this isn’t going to last forever, that this is flying by, and there’s nothing you would rather do more than love.

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Challenges of parenting

March 22, 2013 at 1:14 pm (Intro) (, , , )

Being a parent is a challenge.  Make the child an infant, toss in parents who both work, and stir in a pile of other obligations and life is very challenging. That’s my apology for not being on here much lately! Instead of posting some original thoughts, I thought I’d share what others have written, specifically about raising a little girl.


This post discusses not judging mothers and the importance of relying on Christ.


The importance of raising Godly girls and the challenge of modesty. 


This is a Dove video (yeah, the soap commercial) that shows the transition from an average person to a photoshopped ad on a billboard. This is so eye-opening!

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Baby A’s update

February 14, 2013 at 9:22 am (Intro) (, , )

I no longer have a newborn. Instead, I have a sweet, angel-baby infant.   I realized this about 2 weeks ago, and it made me sad. This was about the time that she truly outgrew clothes and I had to sort through the next box of apparel for her to transition new items in. 



As of today, I am the proud mom of a 7 1/2 week old. She’s gotten to be a lot of fun this past week! She actually bats at her toys on her play gym, and she tracks us and her toys when we hold them up.  She laughs and smiles, and gurgles to herself.  I tell Hubs that she’s trying to talk to us.  Baby A has decided that she loves her bath time, and we have “swimming practice” at the end, where we lower the water level to just a few inches and let he chill on her back in the tub.  I’m in the tub with her, so it’s safe. She just loves splashing with her feet and arms.  She’s come a long way since this:


Baby A also has learned to kick, oh has she learned to kick!  We’ll put her down on her back and rub her tummy and she’ll kick her legs as hard as she can.  Usually her right legs just wiggles up a storm! 

Baby A did a great job sleeping last night. She’s been sleeping about 5-51/2 hours and then waking for a bottle before going down for another 2-3 hours.  Last night she outdid herself though. Hubs put her to bed at 10:30, and she woke when I turned the lights on at 11:30. She didn’t fuss, but I gave her an ounce of milk anyways, hoping to “top up” her tummy.  She went right back to sleep and didn’t wake until 6. That’s 6 1/2 hours of sleep!  She ate 3 ounces very quickly, and dozed back off. She’s just now starting to stir, at 8 a.m.  LO sleeps swaddled in her rock’n’play next to the bed.  We’ve tried a few naps in the crib, but she doesn’t sleep as well there and I’m not ready to push the issue.  Besides, I like being able to watch her sleep. 

She’s just over 22″ long now, and Hubs swears that she must be near 11 pounds. I refuse to find out because that just seems like so much! I’m guessing she is around 10 pounds though. Image


Her nicknames include Snuffle-butt (lots of sniffles), punkin, sweetcheeks, and Princess Fuss-butt.  She doesn’t fuss a lot and is such a sweet baby.  The only time she gets loud is when she wants to be fed or is fighting sleep and I kinda figure that’s our fault for not having her food ready for her or helping her get to sleep sooner. We’re working on it!

Being a parent is such a bigger blessing than I ever realized!  Our Little Miss is an absolute sweetheart and I’ve had people exclaim over how active she is, how sweet and well behaved, and of course over how adorable. I had no idea that Hubs and I could feel this way about another person.  It’s amazing.  When they said that having children was like “having your heart walking around outside your body,” they were spot on.  It’s mind-boggling.

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I Love (daddy)

January 28, 2013 at 10:20 am (Intro)

This little girl has been such a blessing to Hubs and I. Today A is 5 weeks old, 21 1/2 inches long, and I’m afraid to weight her but I’m sure she’s over 9 pounds. Most nights she wakes up twice, around 1 or 2 a.m. and again around 5. She’s been eating approximately 4 ounces a feeding, sometimes a little more. The last several days she has eaten between 32-36 ounces a day…quite a little piggy. She’s much more active lately, but has been very well behaved out and about. Yesterday she slept during church and lunch afterwards. Once we got her home, she ate, had a diaper change, and all 3 of us napped for a few hours.

Certain parts of being a parent are easier than I thought, but others are so much harder! The sleep loss isn’t a big deal, and she doesn’t cry a lot, but when she does, I feel helpless if I can’t get her consoled within a few minutes. Also, pumping is hard, and sometimes it hurts. I don’t make enough for her to just have milk, so we supplement with formula.

I love this little bug!

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