Weekends with family, or living with diabetes

February 28, 2011 at 8:06 pm (diabetes, family) (, )

One of the things that I love about my husband is his family. He has a twin sister who is a sweetheart, lives in her own busy little universe but a sweetheart none the less.  His dad is one of the smartest people I know.  If I ever have a question about anything, he usually knows the answer and is always willing to help out.  His mom is the best hostess ever.  Within 5 minutes of entering their home, if you do not have a beverage in your hand there is something wrong.  They both go utterly out of their way to make sure that everybody is happy and taken care of. 

Because of how hospitable they are, I was really nervous about telling them I am diabetic.  It’s not that I thought they would say anything wrong, it’s that they are so overly-caring and I didn’t want them to make adjustments for this. I didn’t want to cause them to change plans/ideas/etc, and I definitely didn’t want them to think we could go places or do certain things just because of me.  I was really worried about this.    I wanted to be able to answer their questions, but I didn’t want it to be anything weird. 

Well, I told them a few weeks ago, and this past weekend was our first visit since.  His mom, per her usual self, kept plying us with soda, juice, snacks, with me just accepting water.  She and I eventually went on a walk and I tried to explain that soda and juice are things that I pretty much avoid now.  Also, I try to be careful about too much snacking.  All was well, so I thought. 

I’m finding that it’s hard for me to turn down stuff, not because I am hungry but because I do not want to hurt anybody’s feelings.  This is something I struggle with at work too. When we have meetings there is usually a big jar of candy that the vice-principal brings…and I sit there with my apple.  When we have staff meetings with lunch provided, it’s always pizza.  I get that pizza is cheap for feeding all of us, but I sit there with my sandwich, brought from home.  People are way too awesome about offering to grab me a slice, or a piece of candy, and I just smile and say no, trying to laugh it off.  It kinda sucks sometimes.  Our PTA will bring in bagels and goodies once a month, bagels, cream cheese, cake, cupcakes, doughnuts.  All sugary carbs that wreck havic with me. 

Lately my husband and I have been talking about when we want to start a family, so I discussed it with my nutritionist (who is also a diabetes specialist).  Apparently I will need to go on medication first so that my blood glucose level doesn’t hurt our baby.  And when I am pregnang? Nothing quite like poking your finger 6-8 times a DAY just to make sure all is well…in addition to weekly appointments with a diabetes specialist. 

Well, enough venting and complaining for now.  Regardless of the journey from here to family (no, we aren’t starting yet) and the challenges I encounter eating at places other than home, I am convinced that I was diagnosed when I was for a reason.  God has a plan in all of this, and it’s not up to me to second guess what God has in the works.  If my biggest complaint about my in-laws is that they are too nice, I probably need to keep my mouth shut.  And may I say that my husband is the best, most sweetest and caring guy ever? He goes so far above and beyond what he needs to do, and it is all out of love.  I’m so very blessed.


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