Pics as promised…

June 30, 2011 at 3:58 am (Intro)

Our photographer was Vincent from Passion Art Photography and he was amazing! He was very affordable and fabulously personable.  We could not have been more satisfied.  All of these photos were his creations.

Our favors were grow-your-own flowers call Love in the Mist and were wrapped in teal and then white tulle. The tag served as a way to tell people where to sit.  These were from the Dollar Bins at Target.

Having a sweetheart table was the best choice for us.  It allowed us a few private moments but people were able to approach us.  Also, we mingled quite a bit.  There are advantages to having only about 25 guests.  Oh, and the red backdrop? It hides a drum set that couldn’t be moved.

Our wedding bands were custom designed.  My band was specifically designed to line up with the diamonds circling 1/3 of my engagement ring, and Hubs just loved how his band looked with two-tone white gold (matte and shiny) and little side steps.My sister-in-law was my bridesmaid, and my best friend from high school was my maid-of-honor. Hubs had two best men (friends from high school) and two groomsmen (friends from college).My mom is so petite and in these pictures we three make a fun set of stepping stones.Here we have the pastor, my handsome groom, his two bestmen, and his two groomsmen.  We bought the flowers and made all of the bouts ourselves.  My Maid of Honor used to be a florist.I initially saw flower initials on and it was fun and easy to make these out of styrofoam and fake flowers, all from Michaels.


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