Struggling. Already. ugh.

July 18, 2011 at 10:01 pm (Baby Ducky, diabetes)

Hey Y’all.  I have got to be honest. I am struggling right now.  I am not typing this to garner sympathy, but I want to put this out there in case anybody else has similar issues.  I am currently 6 1/2 weeks pregnant and have diabetes.  My last post dealt with some of my concerns about that, but it’s getting harder.

I went to the diabetes specialist today.  This was not our first meeting. It was my third meeting with her and we have had two phone meetings.  Let’s do the math: that’s 5 meetings in the 2 weeks that we have known that we are pregnant.  That’s a lot.  We have another meeting set up for Thursday.  This is really hard for me.  I haven’t even been to a prenatal appointment, they have all been about my diabetes and Ducky.

So what’s been the outcome of these meetings?  Well, first I got a very strict eating plan of 3 meals and 3 snacks, all at specific intervals, and the instructions to check my sugar levels 4 times a day. Then I got a prescription for a pill in the a.m. and 12u of insulin at night.  Then that was changed to two pills in the a.m. and 16u at night.  Now we are looking at 2 pills in the a.m. and a shot with 2 types of insulin in the a.m., a small shot of insulin before dinner, and 20 u of insulin at night with the possibility of a pill at night too.  Before pregnancy I was able to control diabetes with just diet and exercise.  Not anymore. I feel like I am constantly eating or waiting to eat.  On Thursday of this week I get to go to another meeting and depending on how my numbers look, we will adjust again.  And what is really interesting is that even if I do get my numbers stabilized, I will have weekly phone meetings so that we can adjust the insulins as needed.  This is really hard.  All of a sudden there is a list a mile long of things I cannot eat, and specific times for when I am allowed to eat other things.

I love Ducky already. More than anything!  But I have to say that this is really hard.  Hubs has been so supportive, encouraging me in every possible way.  I haven’t had much morning sickness (but was warned that could change in 2-3 weeks) but am tired alot.

One thing that is interesting is that I have not gained any weight yet.  Speaking with the Diabetes specialist, she said that with being more active and with my eating plan, I might not gain any weight while pregnant.  That seems so absolutely counter-intuitive, but she told me that as long as my sugar numbers are in the proper ranges, I am healthy, and baby is healthy, I really may not gain weight.  It has to do with how active I am now plus the food.  I don’t think that I would not gain weight, but it was interesting to think about.  As somebody who is overweight, I know that I need to gain less, but I didn’t realize that there was the potential to gain nothing.  Interesting.

Also, we have bought a baby blanket.  Other than the presents we bought for the grandparents, we haven’t purchased anything for Ducky.  We still don’t know if we will want to know the gender when the time comes, and even then, that time isn’t for a while.  Because we aren’t far along, we aren’t buying stuff yet, but we did get to buy a blanket and were gifted with several other lovely blankets.  Yay for little things that offer some encouragement.


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