August 21, 2011 at 3:51 am (Intro)

Hey blog world.  I know that I’ve been a Debbie Downer lately, and I don’t know if I am going to cheer up any time soon.  Today was pretty cool at first.  Hubs and I got up early and went to help out at the church yard sale.  Afterwards, his parents came over to hang out.  We had a great time with them and they stayed later than we expected.  They left about 30 mins ago, and so I hopped on Facebook to check things out and one of the first things that I see is an announcement from an acquaintance of mine, announcing her pregnancy. Her due date is March 15, right when Ducky would have been due.  And that killed my day.  We lost Ducky two weeks ago, right at 10 weeks. This sucks. And I don’t feel like I can tell anybody how much it hurts.



  1. sally said,

    hey! i saw your posts through hellobee and found your blog! sooooo sorry to hear about your loss.. we lost ours in march (due date would be end of this month!) i remember going on facebook around mothers day and seeing like 2 friends announce their pregnancies and how crushing it was– not that i wasn’t happy for them but more like, what was wrong with me or mine??! anyway, good luck to you on your parenthood journey!!

    • maisymay said,

      We actually have a friend who is due 2 days after we were supposed to be due. Every time she posts an U/S pic or update I have to hide it because it makes my stomach hurt. one thing that we did was to buy a necklace that is personalized with my birthstone, baby’s, and my husbands. It depicts part of the footprints poem, and on the back it has “it was then that I carried you.” It’s my little remembrance.

  2. sally said,

    man, that is tough… but the necklace/poem thing is a great idea!! keep your head up maisymay! i know it’s tough. the way i got through it was to cry when i needed to… and sometimes i still have to cry! 🙂

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