From none to some…

October 26, 2011 at 6:14 pm (Intro)

I lost my job a few weeks ago. My boss dropped off of the face of the planet and after two weeks of trying to get ahold of her, she finally emailed me and said that I was laid off due to budget issues. Great.

I’ve gotten two paychecks since the beginning of July, and that’s not good. I managed to get a super part time job but won’t get a paycheck from that job until next week (when my last paycheck from my last job shows up).

Things changed this week though! I interviewed two positions, one in merchandising and one at a new bridal salon. And they both WANT ME! This is the boost that I needed, but now I need to decide how to handle this. One is for part-time for a few weeks and then full-time while the other is willing to give me full-time. One would require driving 5 miles one day, up to 50 another. The other is 25 miles away. One pays great hourly. The other is less, but offers generous comission. One would require me to work at least one weekend a month. The othe would have me work Saturdays but would give me most Sundays off. I am so torn on what to do! Any advice?


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