Secret Languages and Strange Journies

November 8, 2011 at 11:37 am (Intro)

I know a secret language. I share it with a bunch of other ladies, of all ages, from all over the world. The very language is full of happy and sad words like any other language, and it’s a language that most hope to only use for a short while. It’s the language of TTC. (see, I’m using it already).

Before we wed, I found a website called that had a lot of useful wedding stuff, and though out wedding was nearly 2 years ago, I still spend time there. Earlier this year it was announced that the creative lady who founded that website was setting up another one called, but nobody would say what it was about. Readers were invited to “like” it on facebook, and an announcement would come in September. In October I was invited to beta test hellobee, and it turns out that it was a site about pregnancy and child-rearing. Perfect timing!

That secret language that I am referencing is directly correlated to hellobee. As many of you have read, however many of you there are, Hubs and I would like a kiddo, and hellobee is where I go to talk about how that’s going. The women, and one awesome man, have helped me deal with a lot of the emotions from the miscarriage, have gotten excited during our TWW, and agreed that it’s okay to want to scream when AF shows up again. As Hubs and I keep on trying, I am going to try to chronicle that journey here. Y’all listened as I talked about our lost Ducky, and now we are going to try for a little monkey or seahorse or something, and you’ll see a lot of my new secret language, so I’m going to give you a little list to fill you in. Welcome to our journey; let’s pray it’s a short one.

I won’t use a lot of abbreviations, but here are some that might show up:

TTC = trying to conceive
TWW = two week wait (time pre-period where you don’t know if you’re pregnant)
AF= aunt flo, period
BFP, BFN = big fat positive, negative (pregnancy test results)
NFP/FAM = natural family planning/fertility awareness method – how we’re trying
BBT = basal body temperature – part of charting
MC = miscarriage
HPT = home pregnancy test
O = Ovulation
LP = Luteal Phase, time between ovulation and starting a new cycle

Anchor’s away and here we go!


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