My working means good things for Hubs

November 9, 2011 at 7:13 pm (Intro)

Now that I am back at work, Hubs is delighted because I am making yummy foods on my day off. Yesterday and today were my first days off and last night for dinner I served chicked cordon bleu with stuffing, and tonight we’re going to have cheese tortollini with shrimp and cashews in a cream pesto sauce. I think it sounds positively delicious. Mind you, this is only happening on my days off. When Hubs is off and I work, it’s either frozen pizza or whatever Hubs makes, potentially frozen.

We’ve also started our Wilton’s Basics cake decorating class at the local Jo-Ann’s. Hubs is the only guy in the class of 10, and all of the other women think that he is “so cute” and “so sweet” for taking the class with me. I try to explain that he signed us up, but oh well. This week we practiced making stars and were told how to make the perfect cake. We got to practice on cookies that we brought. Next week we have to bring an unfrosted cake and some different frostings and will get to put it all together. i’ve spent some time researching sugar-free frostings, and I think I found a good recipe. It was the only one that looked like the frosting would be thick enough to decorate with. Next I have to decide if I want to make a sugar-free cake. It would be so much easier to make the box cake, plus if Hubs and I use a box mix, we can just split it, whereas if we do sugar-free, he’ll probably have to make his own cake. Wait, that’s probably a good thing…..I’ll let you know what we decide.


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