work, babies, and anniversaries

December 20, 2011 at 1:45 pm (Intro) (, , )

       I am having a mixed emotions sort of day today.  I was hoping that we were half-way through our two week wait, meaning that we could know if this was a successful cycle; however, today said that we hadn’t ovulated at all yet. Previously it said that we were almost there…and now we aren’t.  I am getting so frustrated by this!  I don’t know what this cycle is going to bring.  Up until I entered today’s data, I was really excited about the idea that we would know in a week, and now we wait some more.

      Also, work is getting tough right now.  We’re having some financial issues, and clients aren’t buying much right now.  Things are supposed to get really busy right after Christmas. I hope so!  I need the additional income via comissions and bonuses. 

     On a happier note, yesterday was our anniversary. We’ve been married for two years now and couldn’t be happier, minus the baby issue (or lack thereof).  To celebrate we went up to Napa on Sunday, which is what we did for our first anniversary.  After church we picked up In-N-Out and made the drive to Castello di Amorosa, a stunning castle made of ruins from other castles. We had an hour long tour of the castle, again, and did a 45 minute wine-tasting, again.  It was absolutely wonderful.  We also grabbed a small meal at V. Sattui, again, and then went over to Dean and Deluca to browse, first time.  After that we were both so tired that we went home to rest for a while and then went to Black Angus to grab some dinner. It was a smashingly satisfying day. 

Happy Two Years Anniversary  Babe. I love you now more than ever.



  1. mrslillybrat said,

    That castle sounds beautiful!! Did you take any photos of it??

    • maisymay said,

      I did, but haven’t had a chance to upload. I’m thinking I need to do a few pic posts soon! 🙂

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