Bye Bye Babe!

January 14, 2012 at 11:11 am (Intro)

When Hubs and I had been married for about 6 months, we ended up living in different cities part-time.  His job was in San Jose while mine was based out of Richmond. Because his parents lived about 5 minutes away from his job in San Jose, Hubs lived with his parents part of the week, with me the rest.  It was not easy, but we made it work.  One of the hardest parts was watching him back up clothes and stuff on a Sunday afternoon, knowing that he was leaving soon and that I wouldn’t see him until Tuesday evening. The feeling of seeing him load his car and grab his keys before kissing me good-bye for a few days stunk, especially because I knew that when he did come home, it would only be for a night and then he’d be gone again.

This is on my mind right now because Hubs just left to go spend the day with friends in San Jose and the night with his parents. Then he’s off to church at a friend’s new church (first Sunday, yay!) up the Peninsula, back to his parents, and finally home tomorrow night.  When I was supposed to be at work from 10:30-7 today, this plan didn’t bother me, but my boss noticed that I’ll be working overtime all day Sunday, and decided I should have today off so she doesn’t have to pay me more. Hubs and I talked about me going with him, but I have to work tomorrow and don’t want to drive to San Jose and back today, even though it’s only about an hour, so I’m on my own. And watching him walk down the hall with his stuff brought back those feelings from when we lived apart.  I know I’m being silly, but I already miss the big goof-ball and he’s only been gone about 15 minutes.  I guess that’s when you know it’s love.

Off to quickly scheduled girl time!


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