Booted out of the house

February 28, 2012 at 7:47 pm (Intro)

I had to ask my husband to leave today.  It wasn’t because he did anything wrong, rather because he has done everything right.  We’ve been together non-stop since I had my foot cast.  He’s dropped me off at work, picked me up. He’s driven me everywhere we’ve needed to go. A few times he was late picking me up and I’ve walked over to Starbucks or Target for a few, but he’s been there very quickly to collect me.  Tonight I asked him to leave the house for just a bit so that I could have some alone time.  He’s gassing up our car and picking up some frozen bread dough, so he will probably only be gone for about 30-45 minutes, but that is a few minutes of alone time that I can hang out and watch some television that I wouldn’t normally watch, snack and chill.  It’s lovely to be alone once in a while. When this cast comes off, I’m going to relish driving by myself, just being alone! And I love my husband because he truly seems to understand all of this! 


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No more reading and Solomon

February 23, 2012 at 11:34 pm (Intro)

Due to a good thump from God, I gave up fiction for Lent.  He gave me a fairly stern reminder that I was reading not to enjoy, but to escape (I love my life though, don’t get me wrong) and that I was making reading fiction too important.  This means that from midnight Tuesday to midnight the day before Easter I’ll only be reading my Bible and non-fiction.  The extra Bible reading lately has given me some interesting history to chew on.

I’ve been reading 1 Samuel and it’s been pretty eye opening. One thing that I keep coming back to is that Solomon was only the 3rd king of Israel.  First was Saul who messed up by not killing all of the animals and the king after the Israelites destroyed the Amalkites, and then there was David who had a few downfalls (Bathsheba anybody?)  David wanted to build a grand temple for the Lord, but was told that he had to let his son do that.  Cue Solomon’s entrance! 

Solomon is known by Christians and non-Christians alike because of his thirst for wisdom.  He prayed for wisdom instead of riches or land, and God awarded him both. It’s pretty cool how God wants us to follow His will, and when we do, he greatly rewards us. Solomon wasn’t perfect, I mean the guy had 300 wives and 600 concubine and he let all of them build temples to whatever deity they chose, but he followed God, even when it wasn’t easy.  Solomon listened to God and did his very best to please God in his actions, and because of that, God gave Solomon glory and riches beyond all men.  He also let Solomon build a stunning temple for Him.  It’s pretty neat what can happen when you follow God.

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Today I took a …

February 12, 2012 at 2:44 pm (Intro)

Today I took a day off from life.  I wasn’t scheduled to work, and while my presence was expected at church, I explained to Hubs why I needed a break from everything.  You see, I’ve had my cast nearly a week and that has meant that Hubs drops me off at work, picks me up, and is with me at home. This last week has been incredibly trying on my patience and attitude.  I’m independant, amazingly so, and having to utterly rely on Hubs to take me where I need to go has been driving me nuts.  And yesterday the frustration came out in full force as a result of a 2 1/2 hour trip home after 9 hours working, on my feet, hurting, exhausted and hungry.  So today I slept in, read, and am in my pajamas even though it is almost 2 p.m.  When hubs get home, any minute now, I am going to propose that we go to Mimi’s Cafe for a late lunch and go catch a movie.  I’m going to leave my cell at home, and just spend some time relaxing.  Life’s been too nutty lately, and sometimes we need a mental health day.  Enjoy!

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Heads, shoulder, knees and toes

February 7, 2012 at 1:55 pm (Intro)

Well, head and shoulders are fine, if a little tense, but knees and toes are different stories!  I went to the doctor last week because my right knee has been really hurting lately, to the point that kneeling is super painful!  Well, the doctor examined it and while we were talking, I asked her how long a stress fracture might hurt for, especially since it was casted for 3 weeks, and before that I wore a cam-walker (velcro boot) for 3 weeks.

Well, imagine my shock when she orders a set of x-rays of my right knee and right foot, and we see that the stress fracture never healed…and it’s been a year of me still walking on it.  Ugh oh! So the podiatrist wanted me to try the boot again, but I pushed for the surgical shoe, and after a week I emailed him about maybe trying a cast.  Yup.

Did you catch the part about it being my right foot? The one I drive with? Yup.  So for the next four weeks, I cannot drive. At all. It is illegal for me to do so.  <thinking some not so nice words> Hubs has been amazing about telling me that he is going to modify his schedule so that he can drop me off at work, and take me to Bible study, stuff like that.  How blessed am I?

I’ve been realizing that when bad things happen to us, it really does bring us closer. I cannot think of a time that we were closer than after our miscarriage, and this will bring us closer too.

Oh, and the cast may hurt my knee more, so we’ll see how that goes.  Yippee.

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