Heads, shoulder, knees and toes

February 7, 2012 at 1:55 pm (Intro)

Well, head and shoulders are fine, if a little tense, but knees and toes are different stories!  I went to the doctor last week because my right knee has been really hurting lately, to the point that kneeling is super painful!  Well, the doctor examined it and while we were talking, I asked her how long a stress fracture might hurt for, especially since it was casted for 3 weeks, and before that I wore a cam-walker (velcro boot) for 3 weeks.

Well, imagine my shock when she orders a set of x-rays of my right knee and right foot, and we see that the stress fracture never healed…and it’s been a year of me still walking on it.  Ugh oh! So the podiatrist wanted me to try the boot again, but I pushed for the surgical shoe, and after a week I emailed him about maybe trying a cast.  Yup.

Did you catch the part about it being my right foot? The one I drive with? Yup.  So for the next four weeks, I cannot drive. At all. It is illegal for me to do so.  <thinking some not so nice words> Hubs has been amazing about telling me that he is going to modify his schedule so that he can drop me off at work, and take me to Bible study, stuff like that.  How blessed am I?

I’ve been realizing that when bad things happen to us, it really does bring us closer. I cannot think of a time that we were closer than after our miscarriage, and this will bring us closer too.

Oh, and the cast may hurt my knee more, so we’ll see how that goes.  Yippee.


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