Today I took a …

February 12, 2012 at 2:44 pm (Intro)

Today I took a day off from life.  I wasn’t scheduled to work, and while my presence was expected at church, I explained to Hubs why I needed a break from everything.  You see, I’ve had my cast nearly a week and that has meant that Hubs drops me off at work, picks me up, and is with me at home. This last week has been incredibly trying on my patience and attitude.  I’m independant, amazingly so, and having to utterly rely on Hubs to take me where I need to go has been driving me nuts.  And yesterday the frustration came out in full force as a result of a 2 1/2 hour trip home after 9 hours working, on my feet, hurting, exhausted and hungry.  So today I slept in, read, and am in my pajamas even though it is almost 2 p.m.  When hubs get home, any minute now, I am going to propose that we go to Mimi’s Cafe for a late lunch and go catch a movie.  I’m going to leave my cell at home, and just spend some time relaxing.  Life’s been too nutty lately, and sometimes we need a mental health day.  Enjoy!



  1. alleyrose said,

    Days off are wonderful, especially when you have NO commitments whatsoever. I hope it was a restful day for you, and that you’re feeling a little better now.

    • maisymay said,

      It was needed! Buy now I am trying to figure out how to gets Hubs out of the house so that I can have an hour or two alone. 🙂

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