Today was supposed to be our due date

March 13, 2012 at 12:14 pm (Intro)

As March has been humming along, I’ve been dreading today.  Today was supposed to be our due date for Ducky, and I’ve been feeling sad about it for the last few days. On Sunday I left worship at church because it was getting to be too much, teary eyed and hurting, seeking refuge in the nursery of all places (two friends were there, one who is having fertility issues). I have no doubt that God has a plan for us, but it’s hard not knowing what that plan is.  I know that Hubs and I are so blessed to be in good health (relatively) and to be comfortable financially, but it feels like there is this hole that is just waiting to be filled.  We’re doing everything that we can, and I cannot help but wonder why it isn’t our turn.

Sorry for the depressing update. I do have more interesting blogs planned, just not today.


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