Yes, No, Wait

March 26, 2012 at 10:27 pm (Intro)

I know that God knows all that we are going through. I know that He is a loving God who cares for us and cradles us when we weep, but sometimes I just don’t understand.  Why is it taking so long for my husband and I to get pregnant?  What do we need to do to have a child?   I comfort myself by saying that “God knows the cares of our heart” and “He’ll give us our hearts’ desire,” but when each cycle ends and a new one begins, the pain adds.  I think about the names of God, how he is Healer, Provider, Savior, our Keeper, our Fortress, a Rock, and I just wish that He would give us the one thing we want more than anything.

Sometimes it frustrates me that we try with no success, but I am reminded that every prayer is answered with “Yes,” “No,” or “Wait” and wait is the hardest answer to hear.  Like most people, I love hearing “Yes” because it means that I get what I want.  I can even handle hearing “No” because it means that I can adjust what I want and move on. But “Wait” is the one that makes me shake my head. For me “Wait” is hard because it’s out of my control.  It’s the answer that takes the longest to understand, the longest to see, and the one that I am least likely to want to hear.

As I start a new cycle, all I can do now is Wait, and hope and pray that this is our month.  If this month isn’t our month, then we may be facing a pretty big decision, and it may be one that means we won’t be starting a family for far longer than planned. I pray that we don’t have to wait much longer.


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  1. mrslilybugg said,

    “waiting” is so frustrating and makes me feel so helpless. I am a TAKE ACTION type of person. I like knowing that if I want something to happen, I just have to give it my all and it can happen. Waiting around is the hardest, especially when it’s out of your hands.

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