If you haven’t ridden a bike in a while…

April 3, 2012 at 2:07 pm (family, Intro, life) (, , )

More like nearly 8 years!

We bought a bike that I can ride. Hubs is a little gravity challenged and isn’t doing so well….so I decided to ride my bike to the grocery store and farmer’s market today.  Here are 5 things I learned:

1) Don’t start by going up a hill. Even though it was fairly gradual, my lungs and legs hurt by the halfway point so I walked it the rest of the way up the hill. Riding after that was a little better.

2) Some cities are not bike friendly. I rode on the sidewalks which is a big no-no, but I didn’t trust the traffic.

3) Take a bag that carries enough but won’t be too heavy. I grabbed Hubs’ old backpack from high school and that was perfect.

4) Take water! By the time I got to Safeway (maybe a mile) I was dying!

5) Empty your pockets! I lost my keys after about 1/2 a mile. I heard them fall and was able to stop and pick them up, but just put everything in your bag.

Hubs and I went for a walk last night. Well, I walked, he ran; he’s crazy that way.  Today I road a bike for about 45 minutes. These are all good steps towards being healthy. A not so good step was eating bbq chips for breakfast. It made me feel like throwing up.  Note to self: don’t do that again.

I am now tired, but it’s the good sort of tired that tells you that you’ve accomplished something.


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