So it has been a while…

May 5, 2012 at 11:53 pm (Intro)

I’ve been avoiding the blogs lately because I’ve had something to say but had to tell a few people in real life first…..

Hubs and I are pregnant!

We’re 6 weeks pregnant and aren’t so good at keeping secrets, so I’ve gone off the webs since I’ve a reader or two who actually know us in real life.  We’ve told our families, and tomorrow we’ll get to tell our friends at church.  I kow that after our miscarriage last year, we probably ought to be more cautious, but we love the people around us and know that if the worst were to happen again, we’d have support from them.  These were the people who gathered around us and prayed as we cried, friends who are just as close as family.  We had seven cycles of trying to time things right, of praying, hoping, peeing on a stick and being disappointed one month after another.  And now we get to stop all of that.

Our due date is December 30, but we’ve already been warned that we should expect to induce 1-2 weeks early since I am high risk (diabetic). It’s going to be an adventure folks!


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  1. mrslilybugg said,

    I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! I feel that when we finally get that second line, we also will be terrible at keeping it secret. Like you said, IF something happens, we will NEED the support of our friends and families! I’m so glad that you have such a good strong network of people around you. This is an exciting time and you deserve this! Healthy 9 months! I can’t wait to read your pregnancy posts now 🙂

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