weight loss

July 25, 2012 at 2:27 pm (Intro)

So, as of yesterday’s appointment, I have lost approximately 16 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.  My doctor is starting to get a little concerned, even though I am still eating right and eating 3 meals and 3 snacks nearly every day.  I’m not too worried about, rather, I’m excited because I am back to my middle of high school weight.  I told Hubs that I am so excited to be losing weight, especially since Munchkin is going really well.

Speaking of Munchkin, our doctor checked yesterday and it looks like the newest little member of the family is going to be a ……GIRL!!!  Baby Maisy will be joining us in the middle of December to a big, girly party!

P.S. I’ve lost about 5% of my total pre-pregnancy weight, which is actually pretty cool!


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We are currentl…

July 10, 2012 at 5:44 pm (Intro)

We are currently 15 weeks and 2 days.

So what’s going on?

  • Baby – Baby is approximately the size of a navel orange and weighs near 3 ounces.  We still don’t know if Snoopy is a girl or a boy, but apparently we could tell because all of the proper organs are there.  Now if I could just get a doctor to check….
  • Baby’s Stuff – While an official registry is not yet in the works, we’ve picked out quite a few things that we want.  We thought we were settled on the crib, but are now focusing on a minicrib.  Also, we’ve got the opportunity to buy the bottle set that we want for $12. Also, hubs picked out some nursery bedding that he’d like to have, but since we want a minicrib, this will also mean that any traditional bedding sets won’t work.  Also, we don’t have any intentions of using crib bumpers, so that’s another part of the sets we won’t be able to use.  Instead, we are thinking about buying pieces a la carte to get the look that we want.
  • Us – I love my husband, but pregnancy hormones are making things interesting. Hubs is getting ready to go out of town on his first business trip and I’ll be alone for 3 nights. I enjoy a night away from my husband, but 3 nights will be far more than what I’d like.
  • Me – Down 11 pounds! Sugards are under control! This is all good news. 🙂 I’m not showing at all, and my clothes are actually fitting better than ever, but we did buy some more maternity clothing that was one sale. This way, when I need it, I’ll have it, and it was fairly cheap.

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