Good things afoot.

August 23, 2012 at 11:45 am (Intro)

I have a new job.  I’ve spent the last week working where Hubs works, and it’s a good thing. So, what’s so good about it?

We’ve carpooled a few times, teased each other at work a little, and even snuck a kiss when he got off before me yesterday.

I have a boss who’s known for being a little odd, but he’s pretty cool about it. We talked yesterday about maternity leave and plans post-baby, and he told me that they’d support us regardless of what we did. 

My manager told me that instead of giving me a regular schedule, to just email her about any doctor’s appointments and we’ll work around them (and there are a lot!). 

My co-workers all live near where we live, even though it’s half an hour from work, and make recommendations about where to go/what to do. 

I had a co-worker yesterday who didn’t want me to touch a comforter that a customer brought in to get cleaned because it had cat puke on it and she didn’t want me to smell/touch it (it’s a dry cleaners). 

I get to sit most of the day! My last job was on my feet, pretty much the entire time.

They are paying me the same as where I used to work, even though there I had experience. 

People are surprised at how quickly I get things done, a very good thing!

I’m happier at home.  At my last job I brought so much stress and unhappiness home with me, but now we talk about work at home and laugh about it.

It’s fun to work with Hubs and be able to relax and laugh with co-workers. Having a job that I don’t dread going to is such a new experience. While I don’t see myself staying there forever, I could stay there for quite a while.  Maybe a few years so that Munchkin can grow up a bit and I can get some more schooling if that’s what I want.


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