Our only vacation…

September 24, 2012 at 11:00 am (Intro)

On September 9th, Hubs and I worked our last day of work for a full week.  He even worked a few extra hours so that he wouldn’t have to think about work at all while we were gone.  We got home, finished the last little packing we needed to do, and got ready for bed, excited for the adventures of the next day.  Hitting the road by 10 a.m., we had an uneventful drive to Long Beach, getting in around 5 p.m.  Being 24 weeks pregnant at the time, I figured I’d need a few extra bathroom stops, but didn’t…nice surprise 🙂

We wandered around Long Beach for a few hours after checking in to our hotel. And then it was time for bed so that we could get ready for the next day. Monday, Hubs took me to an awesome $1 bookstore. Literally all of the books were $1!  I showed remarkable restraint and only bought 11, but we are planning on driving to Long Beach next time we are in SoCal just so I can go back to the bookstore and stock up!

And then we went to the cruise…

ImageView from the top of the ship


Life boats and view of Long Beach from the ship


Approaching Catalina Island

ImageOn the tender, going back to the cruise ship

ImageOur towel toad!

ImageHubs bought me a rose in Ensenada

ImageFor some reason I was fascinated by the stop sign being written in Spanish (and you can see our ship in the back)

ImageFood from the midnight Mexican buffet. So yummy!

ImageStunning carved fruit at the buffet

ImageBaby bump at 24w3d at the cruise ship’s art gallery

ImageHubs was a little obsessed with the ping pong tables on board. 🙂

ImageSunset onboard.

ImageView of LA from the Getty museum

We went to the Getty after the cruise and then to Hubs’ grandma’s house to visit overnight before driving home on Saturday.  All in all, it was an absolutely fabulous trip!


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Vintage baby clothes

September 16, 2012 at 8:23 pm (Intro)

I know, long time no see, but I have a reason this time!  Hubs and I got rid of all technology for a week as we travelled down to LA area and went on a cruise (but that’s another story!).  Before we left, I took a bunch of pictures of baby clothes that our parents gave us, from when we were children.  I thought that it was really touching that they saved these clothes and I absolutely cannot wait to do some side by side comparisons of how we looked as babies next to Little Girl dressed in the same outfits.  Bear in mind that these outifts are 24-26 years old.  Take a peak!

ImageThat’s a brand new Baby Dior outfit from 1987 with the tags still on it! Hubs’ aunt bought it for him and/or his sister.

ImageMy sister and I were born a month early and this was one of the few outfits we could wear.  It was smaller than preemie sizing, and was actually a doll’s dress.

ImageBrand new, not even laced, Mickey Mouse shoes from Hubs’ family.

ImageSweaters/cardigans from when Hubs and his sister were little. These are so soft, and the little pearl buttons at the top are shaped like flowers.


A smocked dress from Hubs’ sister.

ImageA dress my sister wore.

This final pic isn’t clothing. Instead it is two of the rattles that my mother-in-law had when she was a baby that she saved and gave to us, next to a stuffed animal that belonged to Hubs when he was a baby. We also have, not pictured, two stuff animals from when I was little.


We have been so blessed lately. An acquaintance sent a big bag of girl’s clothes to church for us today, 39 items, already washed and super adorable.  A co-worker of my mom gave her 2 big bags of clothes for us that her granddaughter just outgrew.  One of my husband’s grandmas called this afternoon asking if we wanted another cousin’s high chair because their daughter outgrew it.  We haven’t even had a shower yet, but our house is filling up with baby stuff!

Vacation/cruise post coming later this week, with pics!

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