Challenges of parenting

March 22, 2013 at 1:14 pm (Intro) (, , , )

Being a parent is a challenge.  Make the child an infant, toss in parents who both work, and stir in a pile of other obligations and life is very challenging. That’s my apology for not being on here much lately! Instead of posting some original thoughts, I thought I’d share what others have written, specifically about raising a little girl.


This post discusses not judging mothers and the importance of relying on Christ.


The importance of raising Godly girls and the challenge of modesty. 


This is a Dove video (yeah, the soap commercial) that shows the transition from an average person to a photoshopped ad on a billboard. This is so eye-opening!


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You say toe-may-toe…

June 17, 2011 at 11:49 pm (life) (, , )

You say toe-may-toe.  I say ewwww.  Ok, so this post isn’t about tomatoes (which are gross), rather it is about apartments.

Lately Hubs and I have been looking for a new apartment.  Usually I do most of the search for apartments or whatever else we need, but with work lately, I just can’t keep doing that.  Lately though, I have been telling Hubs that he needs to help.  I will look on and find 4 or 5 that I like and then let him vet those few and get ahold of the people.  This may mean that he calls/emails all 4 or 5, or none.  I was feeling really bad about this because I felt that I was making him do so much of the work, but he totally surprised me a few days ago.  Hubs grabbed me and told me “Than you for encouraging me to do more of this.”  ummm…..anytime?!?!?

Just when I was beating myself up for not doing more and having him take over, he tells me that he likes doing more.  This really made me feel so much better.  I love how God does this for us sometimes.  Just when life gets to be so very much, He reassures us that it’s all a-okay.  Be encouraged folks!

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