Baby A’s update

February 14, 2013 at 9:22 am (Intro) (, , )

I no longer have a newborn. Instead, I have a sweet, angel-baby infant.   I realized this about 2 weeks ago, and it made me sad. This was about the time that she truly outgrew clothes and I had to sort through the next box of apparel for her to transition new items in. 



As of today, I am the proud mom of a 7 1/2 week old. She’s gotten to be a lot of fun this past week! She actually bats at her toys on her play gym, and she tracks us and her toys when we hold them up.  She laughs and smiles, and gurgles to herself.  I tell Hubs that she’s trying to talk to us.  Baby A has decided that she loves her bath time, and we have “swimming practice” at the end, where we lower the water level to just a few inches and let he chill on her back in the tub.  I’m in the tub with her, so it’s safe. She just loves splashing with her feet and arms.  She’s come a long way since this:


Baby A also has learned to kick, oh has she learned to kick!  We’ll put her down on her back and rub her tummy and she’ll kick her legs as hard as she can.  Usually her right legs just wiggles up a storm! 

Baby A did a great job sleeping last night. She’s been sleeping about 5-51/2 hours and then waking for a bottle before going down for another 2-3 hours.  Last night she outdid herself though. Hubs put her to bed at 10:30, and she woke when I turned the lights on at 11:30. She didn’t fuss, but I gave her an ounce of milk anyways, hoping to “top up” her tummy.  She went right back to sleep and didn’t wake until 6. That’s 6 1/2 hours of sleep!  She ate 3 ounces very quickly, and dozed back off. She’s just now starting to stir, at 8 a.m.  LO sleeps swaddled in her rock’n’play next to the bed.  We’ve tried a few naps in the crib, but she doesn’t sleep as well there and I’m not ready to push the issue.  Besides, I like being able to watch her sleep. 

She’s just over 22″ long now, and Hubs swears that she must be near 11 pounds. I refuse to find out because that just seems like so much! I’m guessing she is around 10 pounds though. Image


Her nicknames include Snuffle-butt (lots of sniffles), punkin, sweetcheeks, and Princess Fuss-butt.  She doesn’t fuss a lot and is such a sweet baby.  The only time she gets loud is when she wants to be fed or is fighting sleep and I kinda figure that’s our fault for not having her food ready for her or helping her get to sleep sooner. We’re working on it!

Being a parent is such a bigger blessing than I ever realized!  Our Little Miss is an absolute sweetheart and I’ve had people exclaim over how active she is, how sweet and well behaved, and of course over how adorable. I had no idea that Hubs and I could feel this way about another person.  It’s amazing.  When they said that having children was like “having your heart walking around outside your body,” they were spot on.  It’s mind-boggling.


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Sometimes when …

January 9, 2012 at 11:56 pm (Intro) (, , )

Sometimes when life is getting me down, I make lists. I am especially fond of to-do lists, and may or may not include teeny-tiny things that I’ve already finished in order to cross something off of the list.  I was reading a fun new blog today that made a list of 5 things she loved and 5 things she hated about where she currently lived (Albania).  I thought that might be a fun thing for me to try, but small scale.

3 things I hate about the Bay Area:

1. Traffic is horrible.  It seems like going anywhere from 7-9 a.m. and 4-7 p.m. is too ridiculous to even contemplate.  My normal commute of 25-30 minutes can grow to well over an hour.

2. Life is expensive. My mom rents a 2 bedroom house in Chico for the same as what we pay for a relatively small 1 bedroom apartment. 😦  Gas, groceries, entertainment, all is more expensive here.

3. Pollution is pretty bad here. Yes, we do get fabulous sunsets because of it, but the air quality can be stinky.

3 things I love about the Bay Area:

1. Public transportation can take you almost anywhere.  There is a train station that is a 5 minute drive from my house (but parking can be tricky) and by work, there is a station that is only a 7 minute walk away.

2. Choice! Yes, life is more expensive here, but we have so many choices for what to eat, where to go, what to do, it can be hard to decide.

3. Everything is central to here.  My mom is three hours north, his family is an hour to the South.  Nevada is a 3.5 hour drive away (we totally went once!). LA is only 6 hours south of here.  In a matter of hours, we can go practically anywhere, including west into the ocean.

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Diabetically pregnant, pregnantly diabetic? What does it all mean?

January 5, 2012 at 6:37 pm (Intro) (, , )

As many of you know, just over a year ago I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.  This has meant some changes for my husband and I, and when we get pregnant it will mean more changes, as we know from our miscarriage earlier this year. 

I found out after a high A1C blood test that gauges your long term blood sugar level and based on several conversations with my doctor, it boils down to a few simple things: eat less sugar and carbs, be more active, and lose some weight. Of course, if I do the first two, the third should automatically happen.  I previously handled the diabetes with just diet and exercise, but then we got pregnant. The very first appointment that I had after getting pregnant was to meet with a nurse to discuss blood sugars and eating plans.  Within a week or two I was put on metformin, a drug that helps your body handle sugar but is also used for women who are having a hard time getting pregnant.  About a week and a half after that I was put on insulin, twice a day.  Each meeting (twice a week) resulted in an upped insulin dosage, which started to make me feel a bit depressed because my body ought to be able to handle this (common feelings).  After we lost the baby the nurse showed me how to adjust my insulin to whatever my body needed and my doctor gave me the go ahead to take the amount of insulin I needed each day.

If a diabetic gets pregnant, the likelihood of a birth defect is four times higher than for a non-diabetic, and there are several possible issues for her baby.  Sugar can cross the placenta, but insulin cannot.  To keep a baby healthy, the mom needs to keep her blood sugars low so that the baby’s aren’t too high.  Diabetic women are more likely to miscarry or have a stillbirth, and babies of diabetics can grow very large, be susceptible to high birth weights, early births, or have heart or neural defects.  It’s not a pretty picture.  A woman who has well controlled diabetes has the same risks as a non-diabetic, so you can see where the importance comes in.

Why am I focusing on this now? Well, I haven’t been taking very good care of my diabetes since we lost our Ducky.  This has meant not checking my sugar as often or taking my meds. Now that we are getting serious about trying again (and not having a ton of luck), I have got to get back into the habit of taking care of myself.  This means going back to checking my blood sugar every morning, taking insulin every night before bed and in the morning, and making wiser food choices. Oh, and taking walks more often.  The best gift that I could possibly give a future child is the healthiest possible me and my husband fully supports that.

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You say toe-may-toe…

June 17, 2011 at 11:49 pm (life) (, , )

You say toe-may-toe.  I say ewwww.  Ok, so this post isn’t about tomatoes (which are gross), rather it is about apartments.

Lately Hubs and I have been looking for a new apartment.  Usually I do most of the search for apartments or whatever else we need, but with work lately, I just can’t keep doing that.  Lately though, I have been telling Hubs that he needs to help.  I will look on and find 4 or 5 that I like and then let him vet those few and get ahold of the people.  This may mean that he calls/emails all 4 or 5, or none.  I was feeling really bad about this because I felt that I was making him do so much of the work, but he totally surprised me a few days ago.  Hubs grabbed me and told me “Than you for encouraging me to do more of this.”  ummm…..anytime?!?!?

Just when I was beating myself up for not doing more and having him take over, he tells me that he likes doing more.  This really made me feel so much better.  I love how God does this for us sometimes.  Just when life gets to be so very much, He reassures us that it’s all a-okay.  Be encouraged folks!

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“Education – is a jouney, not a race”

March 10, 2011 at 7:57 pm (life) (, )

Please reread the title.  Now look at it again.  Did you see the typo?  I sure didn’t notice the typo on the new poster I bought for my classroom, and yet, one of my ninth graders noticed and found it very funny while another described it as being quite ironic.  At least I only bought it at the dollar store…

Life is ironic and that should make us laugh.  I know I get a chuckle when I see a car parked under the “no parking” sign or notice the police officer chatting on his cell phone as he drives down the freeway, and now I get to laugh at my education sign that is misspelled.   Life is ironic – enjoy.

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