Sleep Training Success

October 22, 2014 at 8:36 pm (Intro) (, , )

The first night LO cried for over an hour before settling to sleep. Then she woke up at 11:15 and needed several visits to go back to sleep.

The second night she cried for about five minutes after we put her to bed, and then went to sleep.

The third night, she fussed for just a few minutes before going to sleep.

Fast forward a few nights.

Last night, she fussed while we put her pajamas on her, and then didn’t fuss as we left, including after.

Tonight she didn’t fuss at all, and even waved to us after cuddling up with her Paci-Cat and a sall bottle.

By Jove, I think this was a success. Now, can somebody please tell me why we waited this long to sleep train our little one?


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Sleep Training

October 15, 2014 at 9:13 pm (parenting) (, , )

DH and I have finally admitted that A needs to go through sleep training.

She’s 22 months old and has slept through the night only a handful of times. We have had her sleep with us, but since moving 3 months ago, she has had her own room. And about 2 months ago, we began having her sleep in her own room, but usually after she falls asleep in our room. Then we move her.

The last 3 nights, we have had to sleep in her room with her, starting around 1-2 a.m.

No more.

After a little research, a little reading, we decided to try the Ferber method, putting her to bed, and checking on her at intervals. And tonight is night 1.

She’s been crying off and on for 40 minutes, has thrown up once, and is still incredibly upset. Right now we are checking on her every 10 minutes, giving her some cuddles and kisses, but not picking her up or laying down with her.

I’m not going to lie, this is really hard. I cleaned up her throw-up; she was so upset that she was sick. But I know that she’s not hurt, and she has to learn to put herself to sleep. I really don’t like this, but at 22 months, she doesn’t need us to lay down next to her for nearly an hour to get to sleep.

We will see how long how this takes tonight, and can only hope that tomorrow night is easier.

9:24 update – LO just climbed out of bed, with a very poopy diaper. We put her back to bed in fresh jammies and will check on her again in 10 minutes. Chair set to block where the bed rail doesn’t extend to the end of her bed.

9:30 update – back out of bed. This time, closed door and can hear her beating on it.

9:41 update – All is quiet. We might be okay….but I have a feeling she is asleep on the floor, in front of the door.

Apparently the last round was successful. It took 1 hour and 10 minutes of near continuous crying. We’ve had a few nights where it’s taken nearly this long to get her to bed with us lying next to her, so this is progress.

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Oh for a deep deep sleep.

August 12, 2011 at 6:26 pm (life) (, , )

I looked in the mirror yesterday for the first time in a few
days.  I was surprised with what I saw.  Now, I know that I am tired, but
where did these dark circles come from?  The edges of my face are a little swollen from the ear infections.  I have had no appetite lately, probably because eating hurts, and I am so slow at it.
My hair was gross because I haven’t showered in a few days out of fear
of getting my ears wet which probably led to the infections in the first place.  On the plus side, the spotting from the
miscarriage seems to have stopped.

I don’t know how much more I can take.  My ears hurt a lot, I am getting headaches, and my jaw hurts.  I am waking up multiple
times a night, which means I am perpetually exhausted.  I’ve been taking vicodin every 3-4 hours, and the pain doesn’t go away, it just gets duller.  My ears are plugged, creating a vacuum noise in both ears.  One ear is a little better, but the other is getting worse.   On an average night I sleep for about 3 hours at a time, usually waking between 11 and midnight, and again between 2 and 4.  It’s been over a week
since I’ve gotten a good night’s sleep.  I don’t feel rested.  Because I’m so tired, it makes everything else feel much worse.

All of this makes me feel bad for my husband. Lately, I feel
like he has to do so much for me, and he does it all without complaining, while putting in crazy hours at work.  Monday night he helped some friends move.  Tuesday I was out with some of the women and he took care of the house.  Wednesday he needed to return a movie and surprised me with a diet Snapple.  The last several nights he has come home to find me exhausted on the couch, a heating bad over one ear.  He’s done laundry while I was napping, loaded the dishwasher while I was asleep, paid bills while I was out of it, and generally just taken good care of me.  Right now I can tell you that I am so grateful for him.

I feel like I have been dealing with the physical issues with my ears that I haven’t had a chance to deal with the emotional aspects of
last weekend.  My darling husband told me that once we get this dealt with we will go away for a weekend.  I think we both need that, more than anything.  It doesn’t have to be an expensive hotel or a fancy destination, just a night or two away from everything here.  Oh to rest and get a break!  Although, I will probably just sleep most of the weekend.

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